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Family is a key concept in Inverpack. We stand for compromise, reliability, solidarity, care and home.


The heart of Inverpack is in each and every one of our workers. We intend to make our employees grow and learn as much as they can, so that the company can constantly improve.

We are proud to present some of our team members, human beings that represents our company’s values, ideas and objectives.





Managing my own business has been the most fulfilling experience in my career. Leaving my job as an employee wasn’t easy, but with commitment and order, today, I can work in the company of my dreams.


I am proud of the added value that our work provides to the value chain, as well as the resources that we bring to our country through taxes.


In Inverpack, we strongly believe in our corporate values of commitment, loyalty, order and discipline, without these cornerstones we would not have been able to become the company we are today. We will keep walking forward and growing without forgetting our identity as a team, partners and brothers.

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When I began in Inverpack, my son had only 7 months. I was the first machine operator hired, back when our company worked only with flowers. I lived the long days of work so that Inverpack could grow into the company that it is today. I have been in every technology purchase and I`ve learned to operate every one of our machines. We keep working under the same core values that we began, I know this company, its people, its processes, and I only expect the best to happen. 


10 years in Inverpack.

18 years of experience in the plastic and printing industry.





I began in Inverpack as a machine operator, today I`m printing supervisor. I`ve lived and grown with this company, since the day we only had one machine. Our approach to our partners and technology is always of investment and growth. Inverpack allows us to develop as professionals, with clear processes and verifications that permit our operators to learn and perfect each day our way of work.  


6 years in Inverpack. 

28 years of experience in the plastic and printing industry.

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I’m proud to be the mother of two kids, and just like in my home, at Inverpack I find warmth and brotherhood. We are united and have a great working environment with direct and immediate relationship with our manager in each stage of our processes. Our fellowship identifies us as a company and allows us to work in harmony, becoming every day better people, fathers, sons and teammates.


8 years in Inverpack.

20 years of experience in the plastic and printing industry.





I started my path at Inverpack as a forklift operator. Since then I have learned to operate several machines and as of today, I am a printing assistant and netting sleeves operator. I know each and very corner of Inverpack and have learned and experience something new from every machine and worker. We are growing by the day, but our team remains together because in Inverpack we are people first, employees second.

5 years in Inverpack.

16 years of experience in the plastic and printing industry.

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