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Who We Are

Our Mission

We specialize in delivering packaging solutions according to your needs.

All of the attention, effort and care with which we work at Inverpack, are reflected in each and every one of our products. The netting sleeves and the flower and food packages that we produce, are of the highest quality to ensure the protection of your product as well as its presentation on the market.

Core Values






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After 13 years of operations, Inverpack has grown into a business of over 40 employees, including second generation family members. 


We began as a company dedicated to packaging flowers, today we specialize on the production of high-quality packaging for the flower and food industry. Our products vary from snacks, grains, candy, flours and powders packaging.


We approach our client’s businesses as brothers willing to help and work united for the same company goals and objectives. Clients and workers are on direct contact with the business’ managers and owners, guaranteeing efficient and immediate actions.


Our packages have reached countries like USA, the European Union, Panama, Dominican Republic and Chile among others, preserving the product’s integrity and high-quality presentation.


You can count on us!

Our Team.

Managing my own business has been the most fulfilling experience in my career. Leaving my job as an employee wasn’t easy, but with commitment and order, today, I can work in the company of my dreams.


I am proud of the added value that our work provides to the value chain, as well as the resources that we bring to our country through taxes.


In Inverpack, we strongly believe in our corporate values of commitment, loyalty, order and discipline, without these cornerstones we would not have been able to become the company we are today. We will keep walking forward and growing without forgetting our identity as a team, partners and brothers.

G. Morales

Founder & CEO

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