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Our Process

Process and Technology

Our company is based on employee and machine quality. Inverpack is committed to a constant growth, developing safe and reliable processes that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.


One of our specialties! The best sleeve in the market. Inline micro and macroperforators. Digital and flexographic printing sleeves.

We produce sleeves in all plastics and in Kraft paper.

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Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-14 a la(s) 10.00.51 a. m..png


European technology in flexographic printing with up to 8 colors.

Guarantee top printing quality.

Reprint technology for a unique package.


High speed and quality control lamination. We laminate all types of plastic, paper, and aluminum. Trilamination available.

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Corte Inverpack 1_edited.jpg


Slitting machines with speed, tension and alignment controls.


Precision equipment that guarantees a perfect bag sealing.

Doypacks, degassing valve, zippers, pouch bag, flowpack and especial custom bags available.

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Estrusión Inverpack 1.jpeg


The best net specifically design for the flower market. Infinite color possibilities and sizes to fit your flowers perfectly.

We understand and believe in the importance of packaging, we make sure that each and every one of our products is produced with strict controls and revised thoroughly, with attention to the smallest detail so that we can assure that all our deliveries are flawless. 


We work with top quality, national and international raw materials.

Our WEARHOUSE Management System gives us instant capacity of production and management for multiple and simultaneous deliveries.

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