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All of the attention, effort and care with which we work at Inverpack, are reflected in each and every one of our products. The netting sleeves and the flower and food packages that we produce, are of the highest quality to ensure the protection of your product as well as its presentation on the market.

We specialize in delivering packaging solutions according to your needs.

Contact us, we love a good challenge!

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We offer a variety of flexible sleeves in all colors and 80, 100, 112 and 160 threads, that protect the head of all kinds of flowers and preserve the condition of the petals during shipment.

Flower packages

We deliver smooth, micro and macroperforated, printed and non-printed packages for superior flower protection and presentation.

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We produce laminated and non-laminated packages, in both bags and rolls presentations. For this, we have various kinds of raw materials and a printing capacity of up to 8 colors.

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